Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Angie's Tuesday In OffiCe!!

Angie is a great ger at work today..

1. She is earli; Reach office before 1030 (which is pretty rare)
2. Manage to complete the 1st draft of department Handbook
3. Labelled all the AM cupboards
4. Attended a Last min meetin

pretty fruitful afterall.. better than lazin ard doing nuttin.. LOL

She kinda changed her image today..
cos yst's dressin was a little too 'sexy' ; today will be a plain ger at work..
Dressed herself up in a white Tube dress and black long cardi.. and...
Her New Specs..
Ke Ai Ma?? LOL..
David is sayin that she look very girly today... guai guai de xiao hai.. LOL

she went for the meetin wif david n ivy at 4pm.. and reach back into the ofc at abt 6pm..
coincidentli.. uncle henry parked his car jus behind samuel.. LOL..
and the place Sam parks is NOT a lot lor..

she decided to do some justice..
of cos she cant push is car away or call him down to move the vehicle..
wat she did was....

No Parking During Office Hours
Please pay $5000 to Events Team
Payment is IMMEDIATE!

AP managementlol.. guess he will scream at her tmr if he finds out that she is the culprit lor..
but she gt accompliance de.. Uncle Henry, Ivy and David..
No one stop her wor.. LOL

Think angie can be a potential carpark auntie.. LOL
This isnt the 1st time she is doin stuff like tt.. crazy..
the cutest carpark auntie of the month.. LOL

*angie met wif a friend who kept to his promise to her.. Thanks thanks*

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